Love Your Smile

Work with a teeth whitening company in Williamsville or Buffalo, NY

Do you shy away from smiling in pictures? Do you feel self-conscious whenever you talk to new people? You don't have to settle for teeth you don't love. Teeth Whitening Spa is a teeth whitening company with over five years of experience and locations in Williamsville and Buffalo, NY. We'll give you our full attention and listen to your goals for your teeth to ensure you love the outcome.

Don't stress over your appointment

If you've never whitened your teeth before, you may be a little nervous. However, we use a simple, yet effective, process that will whiten your teeth without leaving you feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Our teeth whitening system consists of:

Determining your starting shade
Removing built-up film on your teeth
Inserting a cheek retractor to expose your teeth
Applying whitening gel
Using a LED accelerator light
Discussing ways to prevent future tooth stains

You'll walk out of your initial teeth whitening appointment with brighter and whiter teeth. You can then get teeth whitening touch-up services to maintain your new smile. To learn more about our process and our discounts for veterans, firemen and policemen, reach out to us today.

Get the gain without the pain

Certain types of teeth whitening services can dehydrate your teeth and cause pain. However, our process uses a special gel that hydrates your teeth, so you can enjoy brilliant teeth without any pain. Call us today at 716-444-3870 to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening services.